A 12 week course explaining the biblical principles of discovering and knowing who Jesus is.
Topics include Prayer, the Church and the Holy Spirit


Join us on a Road of discovery to Jesus

Discipleship  Having found the answer to life, we need to grow our relationship with God and those around us, remembering His command to share the Good News.

12 sessions in which we deal with real life issues such as Anger, Ancestral Spirits,  Sexuality, Healing and other relationship topics.


Bridges to Life

Family violence, crime all create hurt and anger.

Restoration with loved ones, people you may have offended or hurt is an important part of your spiritual growth. This 13  session course brings Reconciliation

between offenders and victims with an emphasis on Family and Church which is vital today.


Attending courses, verbally choosing a new way of life is meaningless unless we accept the responsibility that comes with our actions and decisions.  We spend 10 weeks reflecting on our decisions and choices—past and present that affect our lives.